The Velocity Lacrosse Travel Program has transitioned away from the traditional travel team try out and implemented a player renewal option for current players in our program and a player draft option for new Velocity players interested in joining our program.   

Please click here to learn more about joining the Velocity select program for the summer of 2022.

With over 250 athletes in our program, we believe implementing a player renewal option each year not only rewards our current players for their continuous hard work but also instills an ongoing motivation in the athletes to do their best while on our fields among their coaches and peers. Our coaches will spend the the first 5 weeks of summer evaluating our current players and placing them on teams for the following summer.

There may  be positions available on teams for new players interested in joining the Velocity program.  If spots remain,  these positions will be filled after evaluating athletes who are in our system by way of the draft registration interest form.